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Message Subject GLP How many of us are sick today ?????unidentified respiratory illness?????Post if you cant stop coughing!!!!
Poster Handle Sol Neman
Post Content
I have noticed, since dropping grains and airy crom my diet two years ago, that any respiratory illness I get is less severe - I'll feel like I'm coming down with something occassionally, but it never really takes hold, and I don't get congested. This was before I started taking any supplements.

Dairy, with it's mucogenic reputation, is the obvious culprit, but I've avoided dairy in the past ithout this muh benefit. I do think the grains (especilly wheat?) make a real difference.

Also taking D3, C, b-complex, zinc, and a multivit, dosage varying depending on my needs. And I'm chewing a clove of garic a day. Yum :-)

Something is working, as I've had no more than an occassional throat tickle despite getting the flu shot.
 Quoting: AlkaliDesert

I believe there are benefits of reducing the amount of cereal grains that are consumed as well. I believe the only reason we have the cereal grains that we do is because they were domesticated long ago to ferment for beer. That being said I don't think they were ever meant for human consumption on the level that they are so I try to reduce the amount I consume. I don't consume much dairy either. I try to have a cup of yogurt daily. I use un-salted butter and milk when required in certain recipes and will eat aged cheeses on occasion. That's about it.
 Quoting: Sol Neman

With urbanization, there was a switch to more grains. They store well, so lacking refrigeration then provide a protein and complex carb source. But the species we eat are not what they ate.

During the medieval period, grains made up the bulk of their diet. Milk too. Some eggs. Garden produce. Meat was consumed far less.

We eat a lot of meat by comparison. We know that saturated fat is bad when in excess. Looking at autopsies of even very young children, inside of their blood vessels is a lot of plaque and that is not normal. What we don't know is that a change in the species we're consuming, inflammatory states, stress, etc. Something is way out of whack there.
"Type I lesions are present even in children, and are composed of isolated foam cells in the arterial wall. "
[link to wiki.medpedia.com]

Tribal people eat more meat, but only the hunter gathers and then it was seasonal with jerky and fish jerky too. Acorns made up their cereal. Maple syrup supplemented in late winter.

There's a very important book called Tree Crops. It's old and free. He believed that the protein sources plus nutrient could greatly benefit human diet plus be inexpensive and produces a lot of calories and nutrients per acre.
[link to archive.org]

It's entirely possible that eating these might really help humanity
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

Medieval period had some of the worst epidemics known to man as well. There is also a big difference between lean wild game which would have been the meat of the hunter/gather and the meat we eat now that has a lot more fat content.
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