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The Ask Hole

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United States
01/03/2013 11:18 PM
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The Ask Hole
Ask anything you like, answer anything you like.

I'll start. Combine these ideas. A. Families of Catholic descent were taught to sacrifice. B. And there was/is so much pedophilia, almost to the point it was not considered trauma, since apparently children do not understand.

So dingo submissive wives were essentially sacrificing their own children.

If the Catholics would take Jesus off the cross and stop putting their sacrifice "out there" up on the tree, and have to directly address what goes on in the families. Would the pedophilia stop. Would Catholics grow up and take responsibilty?

I think families that "get by" to a certain point then just want to act like it wasn't there, and go on saving face. The church as an institution does the same.

So, please respond. 1. Catholics sacrifice is "out there".

2. Catholic mentality is retarded (truest sense of word)

3. Catholics needs to ditch Jesus on the cross as the sacrificer, and take it on themselves.