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Message Subject So Mr Darwin why didn't elephants go extinct from dehydration in the million years it took your evolution thingy to design their trunks chump?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is the problem with creationist's arguments, they don't even have the basic understandings of evolution, or how it is fact. Not an opinion.

An elephant's trunk did not evolve overnight, that is not how it works.
These processes take a very long time. You're thinking in terms of it wasn't , then it was. No, these things slowly progress through different stages until they eventually get to where they are most effective.
So then, it starts and at no point does an animal not have a less effective mechanism, it merely operates with what it has until the process has been completed, but then again no of these are complete.
Just because you do not understand the evolutionary process, does not make you correct about every question that comes into your head.
Must you be so arrogant about your obvious ignorance.
How come a didn't sink until it developed fins huh, Mr asshole?
That's how dumb you sound.
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