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Message Subject So Mr Darwin why didn't elephants go extinct from dehydration in the million years it took your evolution thingy to design their trunks chump?
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I'll pretend your an idiot and explain Evolution...

100 giraffe-like creatures are born...1 happens to have a longer neck...the 98 die off as they can only reach the bottom leaves for food, they starve because they've eaten everything.. - the long neck breeds with a short neck...litter of 10... 5 short neck, 5 long... The longer necked ones live and the short neck ones die...

Why? Because short necked giraffes can only eat the bottom part of the tree...the long necked can eat to the top.

The Elephant trunk evolved along with the Elephant itself....

I seriously don't know how you '4000 year ago' creationists manage to turn on a computer, let alone learn to speak without drooling...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20685413

This is not correct either - this is more a natural form of Eugenics. Evolution refers to the change of the giraffe in the first place - one had to be different for the attribute to be bred into the gene pool. In this case, though a poor one, this giraffe had a slightly longer neck <-- that change in anatomy is what evolution refers to.

What you are explaining is how the quality become wide spread amongst the species. Much like how Hitler wanted an Ayrian race.
 Quoting: 404error

So the giraffe knows a longer neck is better. Does knowing that rewrite his dna to make it longer like making a wish upon a star? Or did he rewrite the codes himself and telepathically send them into his neck cells?
 Quoting: DGN

No, you're being deliberately ignorant again. Telepathy... wouldn't the idea of psychic ability go against your beliefs? Yet you feel the need to use such a concept to belittle a post which wasn't even directed at you?

There's no point arguing with you, you've made up your mind, & I'm not going to change that.

I do suggest you study evolution properly before attempting to dismantle it, because you're not really doing a good job.
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