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Message Subject So Mr Darwin why didn't elephants go extinct from dehydration in the million years it took your evolution thingy to design their trunks chump?
Poster Handle Brightwinger
Post Content

Or in other words, you don't know.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30969028

Explain how cancer works????? MUTATIONS?????

I've tried to help you the best I can from what I remember from my Biology classes.

Science can't explain everything however.
 Quoting: Astral Goat

Now you're on to something although you don't realize it. Our knowledge of science doesn't know everything. Yet what you've done is assume evolution of elephants has something to do with genetics.

Did you notice how quickly you went there? Since you don't know, you shouldn't automatically toss out the standard answers. Because when you do that, you limit your possibilities.

Go look up the Ergonom 500 microscope.

They have video of live viruses changing into bacteria and fungi. It's not done genetically. OMG!! When the real evidence is looked at with technology that wasn't available when the genetic theory came about, it contradicts the entire genetic theory when it is applied to evolution.

PS. Cancer is not a genetic mutation either. But we'll save that for another time.

PPS. Please note that I did not make a religious argument in any manner. We're simply talking about biology.
 Quoting: Brightwinger

Are you saying pleomorphism would be responsible for changes in anatomy of animals over a million-year period?
 Quoting: 404error

I'm saying we need to go where the evidence take us. The Ergonom 500 microscope proves that microbes did not come about thru mutation when changing from viruses to bacteria to fungi.

That puts a cannonball sized hole in the argument evolutionary life coming about thru mutations.

I prefer Dr. Emanuel Revici's theory which is called Hierarchic Organization over Darwinian Theory.
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