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Subject Is Samantha Sexton, daughter of Jennifer and Nick, in fact Christina Green? Inquiring minds want to know.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Look here:

[link to zomobo.net]

Is Christina Taylor Green -- who was alleged murdered at the Gabby Gifford shooting by Loughner -- in fact none other than Samantha Sexton, daughter of Jennifer?

[link to wellaware1.com]

[link to discordgord.wordpress.com]

Put Christina Taylor Green's picture side by side to Samantha Sexton's picture -- last picture of Green she was 9 years old; picture of Samatha Sexton is 12 or so years old:

[link to zomobo.net]

[link to discordgord.wordpress.com]

So who is Susan Hileman (who took Christina Taylor Green to her death at the Gabby Gifford shooting?) Picture:

[link to www.azcentral.com]

Which Greenturd is she?

[link to duckduckgo.com (secure)]

Now it is your turn to take this research forward...
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