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Message Subject Is Alzheimers and other forms of Dementia caused by Deep Space Travel via Alien Abduction?
Poster Handle Whiterabbit R.O.
Post Content
Theyre presenting thier test results at medone conference center this tuesday... AMBS..symbol

folks the guy who was big at oh hel...ummm... amgen is in on it.. along with bayer squib...and others.. seriously if this pans out the treatment besides the cure thing of the century... you could get seriously rich... stay tuned... dirt cheap here...

The goods get spilled tuesday in the pm i believe.. gosh it would be great!... a cure... it looks GREAT so far , if im correct ..t-3 days we shall see.......ambs on the otc exchange.. but screw the money end its the CURE we wanta see especially for michael and others...

maybe good for closed head injuries and all types of injuries involving cell death...

the platform HAS arrested progressive DAMAGE.. by folding the cell in on itself!!!! The cell kills itself off , in laymans terms... think of that one peeps !
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