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Message Subject Is Alzheimers and other forms of Dementia caused by Deep Space Travel via Alien Abduction?
Poster Handle Whiterabbit R.O.
Post Content
oh ya buy in... ya owe me 10% if ya take the gamble and win... if manf works you will be RICHly rewarded...trust me on this if ya do and ya dont follow thru on yur end , my end the 10% bad juju will happen to your kneecap... maybe both...LOL

buy in at 15.06 CENTS a share ....

but like i said its NOT about the money its the CURE.... if manf , the treatment works it could also benfit closed head injuries, this is why the NFL has a huge interest in it ...

mikes a great person in " real" life he deserves a break...been a fantastic spokesperson , kinda like tht chick... paula abdul and getting the word out on RSD.. God bless her for that.. ya know they thought she was drunk and it was casue of the massive amounts of painkillers we must take just to make it thru another day...
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