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We were taught to be consumers & became unhappier, therefore...

Anonymous Coward
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01/05/2013 12:39 AM
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We were taught to be consumers & became unhappier, therefore...
..we outta know the trap even if it's too late in a global scale.

We need to get back to basic. Considering tv sucks with fake news, advertisement and re-running old shows or movies we have seen a thousand times (Fast and Furious, Spiderman I, II, III or Chaparral tv show, etc), why changing tv every year if the old huge and heavy Toshiba, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony dinosaurs were working ok after all and after decades? Ah, yes, because the high resolution.... And why don't buy the cheapest tv channel if mostly everything sucks? With a fistful of programs would be enough, wouldn't it?
Why turning on all lights in the house to pay an expensive bill? Perhaps it's time to go to second-hand stores and buy cheap books to spend the time and occupy the brain rather than buying expensive fashion magazines to fill up the empty-headed wives.
Time to stop buying too many shoes and clothes and purses as desired by women who wanna have the whole package in an undless impulse for self satisfaction (which actually never stops). Time for many men to stop thinking they need a new expensive watch, sneakers or luxury cars.
Maybe the time already came not to eat litter food but start cooking ourselves with healthier foods to bring to the office though we're already fucked up with transgenic stuff. The time came to get rid of sodas and drink natural juices without sugar and doing so the medicine bill could diminush...
The time has arrived for former wealthier countries to pay attention to the miserable life in poorer countries and draw own conclusions of survival. How do people live in Asia or Middle East and South America or Central America and many countries in Africa.