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Message Subject Fuck the USA, I am moving to Mexico..
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I plan to retire next Spring. I have no intention of staying in the US. I have spent the last 9 months or so considering which county to move to.

Health care, long term VISA, language, weather, crime, cost of living, transportation... so many things to consider.

Currently my at number one on my list is Malaysia. Excellent health care that is cheap. English widely spoken. Malaysia My Second Home VISA.

Panama and Belize are backup plans. But I would prefer the more exotic Asia. And Malaysia would place it at my doorstep.

Mexico was never high on the list. Ecuador, Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic were higher.

My wife wants Europe. So have looked at Italy, Spain and some Greek islands.

Get International Health Insurance. Do not buy property, always rent. From what I understand if you live outside the US for 330 days a year and possess a residency VISA you do not owe federal taxes, but still have to file.

The plan is to travel around until I find the right place. In the military I spent 13 months in Korea and loved it. I have also traveled to Germany and France.
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My only regret, didn't do it years ago.
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