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Subject A Proper Reply to Those Who would ban Firearms "NUTS"
Poster Handle 11:11
Post Content
A proper reply to those who would ban firearms would be "NUTS"
That was the word uttered by General McCauliffe to the Germans who offered terms of surrender during the Battle of The Bulge in WW2

We all need to start right now contacting our Senators and letting them know ,when it comes to giving away the right to bear arms Our answer will be NUTS.

Like General McCauliffe and the 101st Airborne were on December 16th 1944 , we seem to be surrounded on all sides and are about to be offered terms of surrender sometime this month.(Jan 22nd AWB to be introduced)

Call or write as often as possible to your Senator. Raise your voice and be heard at every opportunity, time is short now!!! You can find your Senator here : [link to www.senate.gov]
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