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Time travel and the Trans Human agenda

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 31253794
United States
01/06/2013 01:11 PM
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Time travel and the Trans Human agenda
Could it be possible that those we perceive as the Alien Greys are actually human beings from the future?

What if somehow, in this time-line, the Trans-Humanists actually develop a way to actualise their agenda. They celebrate their success. However, something goes awry in the genetic re-programming.

Nature asserts her authority. The trans humanists discover that the cocktail they've injected the test subjects with, causes a mutation and creates zombies--(like from the Omega Man/ I Am Legend movies).

They begin to experiment and believe they have the solution. In the beginning the solution they came up with seems to work. But over time, "The Powers that WANT to Be" find that they begin changing. Their limbs begin to atrophy and their skin becomes grey and almost transparent. They morph into what we know as the greys.

Since time is not linear, they realise that they must, with the knowledge they now have, interject themselves into the present timeline, to fix or prevent their current fate.

The future trans humanists make a deal with their current counterparts. In hopes of changing their fate, they begin to seed the environment with bio materials via GMO's, ChemTrails and the like. This, they believe, will alter the bodies biochemistry gradually so that when the time comes--the experiment will be successful and they will not be transformed into these grey like beings.

This could perhaps explain abductions and the testing abductees undergo. This allows them to tweak the bio material that is being sprayed into the atmosphere and placed in the current food and water we utilise.

The radiation from Fukushima and other nuclear type events, could be the catalyst whos frequency is utilised to transmute the properties of the current populace. Maybe that's why no one cares about stopping the radiation spewing from the site. They know the outcome they require and to stop it might mean that the future trans humanists (greys) will be doomed and have to deal with their not so ideal outcome...forever.

That could also be why Greys are never seen using bio protective devices. They come from future earth, thus they have already been exposed to the various bacteria and viruses that a visitor may encounter on this earth plane.

Just a thought