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Message Subject The REAL YOU...
Poster Handle aether
Post Content
Funny when you think about who would actually be concerned with such things as acceptable failure rates...programmers and such...creators...

hmm Interesting train of thought there...

Testing out humanity...
 Quoting: Aluna

good afteroon

more basic maybe

self aware environment = natural risk assessment
 Quoting: aether

i got to say that thought /z\ does not fit your thinking

it fits a controller personality which i know you do not possess

"schemers trying to control their little worlds.
nobody panics when things go according to plan.
even if the plan is horrifying.
because it`s all part of the plan"
 Quoting: observation

do you know one of these /z\ 1dunno1
 Quoting: aether

it could be a personality that only imagines reconciliation following it`s victory
no win
no deal


that personality can never be wrong

sorry if this is sounding nuts
it`s not about specifics as such, it floats around environment topics of the years
delete if it feel right to do so tounge
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