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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
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1.the turks cant go to war.. their army has no command at the moment. the muslim bortherhood govermant arrested all the millitary commanders and an army without a good command cant win wars.
2.if the turks go to war with greece then israel and cyprus will most likely be involved since the turks keep threatning those countries to.
3.the turks are slowing losing more and more freedoms so the govermant is trying to divert attention to security,thats why all those threats toward syria/israel/greece/cyprus are coming but the wont act on them. just look at 2010 their pm said if israel stops the marmara he will send the turkish fleet to liberate gaza and 2013 nothing happened and when israel started drilling for gas he said again he will send the fleet to take our gas deposits and again nothing happened... just a sheep in lions clothing.
just saw a ridicules new law that was just signed that basicly says that anyone who posts negative information about the economy will be send to 5years in jail i mean turks cant even anything bad about their economy what kind of democracy is that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31629472

The Turkish govt is going really out of hand regarding liberties and freedoms lately, but after jailing the "deep state" officials Erdogan has no opponent anymore, he can do whatever he wants without asking no one. All these things are happening to provoke Turks in to a conflict so TPTB can dismember Turkey into pieces, it's an obvious trap and at some point i do think that they will react against either Syria, Cyprus, Greece, etc, they practically have bad relations with all of their neighboring countries despite the Davutoglu BS "zero-problems" failed policy, even Turks have criticized his policy a lot lately. Add the Kurds into the equation, peace/ceasefire negotiations with Ocalan the last month which seem to be going well according to the press.
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