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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
you guys think that globalfirepower is so credible but your wrong.. the ranking just counts numbers it doesnt count the skill and experience of the armies and the currect commanders and technologis.
1)turkeys army atm has no skilled command. erdogan jailed his skilled command when he took over the country.
2)turkey gets some of its weapons from israel so its safe to say that israel hes more advanced weapons then turkey(Espacilly air based).
when it comes to cyprus they wont be able to take it since israel will most likely defeat their airforce and navy. just look at the amount of experience israel has with its air force and the turkish airforce experience and the actual numbers of advanced jet fighters and not aircrafts or jetfighters in general.
when it comes to greece i think israel will be able to only support it via arms and mybe some air cover but greece will have to fight turkey and in a conflict like that with the turkish navy and airforce stuck fighting israel i think the turks will have hard time.
the other thing that could happen is egypt joining in to help their muslim brotherhood friends in the turkish govermant wich will cuase a hard mayjor war that i cant predict who wins but i know that israel will not get invaded becuase if it does then both turkey and egypt will become nuclear wastelands so its most likely going to be egypts navy and airforce fighting with the turks against israel over cyprus.

anyway thats what i think as an objective man(atlast i try to be) with experience as a officer in the israeli army but on a final note i'd like to state that no one can know how any war will end becuase wars are determined by what happens in the field and not by numbers and analysis on paper.
Lets just hope that war wont break
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31629472

You and I both know that history repeats itself. Back in the day, the ottoman empire controlled a good chunk of the world. The ottomans were almost all turkish, and as an albanian, i can say that they couldnt do any of that without superior albanian command (i.e. Ali Pasha the albanian who controlled the middle east).

My point is that the turks have always been ruthless, never a peoples to fuck with, because the majority of people who fuck with them will eventually lose. Look at them today, 6th biggest standing army, advanced technology, an army that even israel cant do jack shit to, and thats just a fact, not merely my opinion..

So if shit is to hit the fan with turkey, the world will see..
 Quoting: Albanian 12582427

look when it comes to a ground war i admit the turks would win israel but on a air fight israel will crush the turks.
now the most likely war will be held in cyprus since the turks cant invade israel from the sea(israel has great sea defence and with air cover their navy would be in the bottom of the sea) or from syria(civil war) so if war happens now its air war with naval support and israel wins.
and regarding the turks technology israel is much more advanched , we sold them alot of their weapons and we upgraded their us made jets so we can safely assume that israel has better weapons then it sold to the turks.
if you want to see how good the israeli air force is just check the first lebanon war(82) when we crushed the syrian airforce and air defence without even 1 jet lost while they outnumbered out jets and in 67 73 we also crushed egyptian airforce and syrian and jordanian ones. we are the bigest exporter of drones worldwide and we upgrate jets for alot of countries and we got turky in our balistic range.
Anyway i dont think a war with turkey and israel will produce any real winners since both sides will suffer tens of thousands of deaths.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31629472

I like how your a realist. Your right, a war between the two would technically not have any real winners, as both of them would be done for... I think Israel has some crazy weapons that they havent showed to the world, i mean why would they if theyre fighting cavemen like hezbollah.. They probably the good stuff if you will for a real conflict with a modern power....

But yea i dont see the turks and israelis ever going at it one on one. It wouldnt make sense in the first place, mutual destruction at its finest.
 Quoting: Albanian 12582427

Now you're starting to sound a little more rational than in previous "TurkeyStrong1111OneOneAdyn111" post.

Israel is estimated as able to take down both China and Russia in a retaliatory strike as it likely houses ICBM, um, off-site + of course coventional bombers + nuke-tipped Dolphin cruise missiles.... you think it will just sit back and let Turkey invade or even try to interfer in gas & oil deals 100s of kilometers off Turkey's shores???? LOL.

Anyway, back to reality. You called Hezbollah "cave-men". I know it's a common view for Turks and Turkophiles to view Arabs. especially Shia, as practically sub-human. And frankly, even Israeli (Leftists) Establishment for years dismissed Hezbollah as just a jihadi gang when they left South Lebanon. That's why even though IDF killed Hezzie at 8:1 clip in '06 snd made their leaders cry on TV, it was not considered a win by any means (even considering that Hezbollah had advantage of fighting on its soil, behind its civilian shields and PM Olmert idiot that he was, didn't even authorize real action until few days/hours before ceasefire).

But you clearly don't know anything about Hezbollah of recent years--- pound for pound, South Lebanon is THE most well armed, missile saturated & structured place in the world for guerilla fighting, with billions of dollars'm worth of IRGC-built undergound missile-launchers, bunkers, tunnels, redundant C&C centers. The wooded-mountainous topography in S.Leb also takes away the ability of Israeli armor to operate freely. Moreover, Hezbollah is not obligated to wear uniform and like most Islamists, they make excellent use of their own civilians as "human shields". Many of them are hard-core fanatics with blood-lust against Jews, and use of both steroids & amphetamines is very high. Oh and they have ton of longer-range missiles & advanced Russian ATGM, RPG, mines, surveillance & MANPADS. Plus, being officially part of Leb government, they have their eys & ears in virtually every corner & institution of the country. And then, of corse, there is the UN that cries to high heavens any times IDF delivers real blows to its enemies, LOL....

Hezbollah sat out both Castlead and Pillara of Defense -- because Israel scared it enough -- but make no mistake about it, Hezzies are formiddable (guerilla) enemy. Heck, even a superpower like the US can't handle Taliban for over 10 years --- and Hezbollah is way better armed, educated & trained by Iran, Syria, etc than Taliban ever was.
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