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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ah but of course! It's all the Ebbvl Juice fault - why didn't I think of that, it makes perfect sense????!!!

-Killed Christ? Juice. Juice-on-Juice violence, in fact!
-Turn matza back into babies' blood? Zionist Juice.
-Plant irresistable homosexual urges into Muslim heads? Juice.
-Secretly re-write Shakespeare's comedies into tragedies? Juices!
-Remote-controlled Turks into genociding Armenians? Ebbyl Juice.
-Unceremoniously steal Hanan Ashrawi's/Catharine Ashton's penis? Juice!
-Fake Holocaust? Double-secret Juices!
-Money, money, money - all about money McMoney? Juice-money.
-Movies, media, banks? See: above.
-Made Steve Guttenberg a star? Stonecutters.

Leave anything out?
 Quoting: Ashton's succulent Volvo 28551212

Lol, don't get upset man, no one is blaming the whole Jewish race for this, relax. It has been proven that Kemalists were donmeh though, this is a historical fact. But as i said relax and don't take it personally, no one hates all the Germans/Austrians because Hitler was one of them.

I personally believe that TPTB hijacked your religion and committing crimes in the name of the Jewish race and didn't hesitate many times to sacrifice many of your own to further their agenda. Jewish conspiracy is a conspiracy with a conspiracy in it for me. I don't hate the average Jew if that's what you implying here.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

Thankfully you know about donmehs.Thanks for your support bro.That troll shill is obviously exaggerate what i posted.I didnt say its all jews behind that but a sect of jews i.e sabbateans -the donmeh-

I dont blame jews as a whole but some of them who conspire and infiltrate countries for more domination and power.They are like mafia, backing each other up and raising towards controlling positions then leeching out money and reseources like a parasite.I blame talmud following racist jews who see us as subhumans.
 Quoting: Anatolian 31753869

first talmud is not racist and most quotes you see on the internet are not true and are just propoganda.
second there are no groups of only jews that try to take over countries mate. i do belive some jews are involved in groups that consist of sevral ethnic groups and political groups around the world but they dont do it becuase they are jews or for jews but becuase they are a part of bigger orginations of people who dont follow a certian religon they just manipulate the world in order to get more coustumers for their bussnis and get more money but they certinly dont come to my or my jewish brothers help.. i mean even in the usa the guys who support israel are mostly christian rather then jews in contrast with the propoganda you see everyday.
3d i didnt know about the story you told before but i have sevral questions i mean if they were cypro-jews and not turkish-jews or even just jews why would they want a ethnicly pure turkey i mean whats their intrest becuase i dont see any.. another thing is if they controlled turkey for so long why didnt turkey come to israels help i mean turkey was nutral toward israel over the years and last question is if jews control the money in turkey why turkey is so anti israel in the past few years, i mean money controlls the world and if the moeny wants something it always gets it around the world thats just a fact.
and i do hope you will learn about how the talmud really is since i see you have been clearly exposed to alot of propoganda.
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