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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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first talmud is not racist and most quotes you see on the internet are not true and are just propoganda.
second there are no groups of only jews that try to take over countries mate. i do belive some jews are involved in groups that consist of sevral ethnic groups and political groups around the world but they dont do it becuase they are jews or for jews but becuase they are a part of bigger orginations of people who dont follow a certian religon they just manipulate the world in order to get more coustumers for their bussnis and get more money but they certinly dont come to my or my jewish brothers help.. i mean even in the usa the guys who support israel are mostly christian rather then jews in contrast with the propoganda you see everyday.
3d i didnt know about the story you told before but i have sevral questions i mean if they were cypro-jews and not turkish-jews or even just jews why would they want a ethnicly pure turkey i mean whats their intrest becuase i dont see any.. another thing is if they controlled turkey for so long why didnt turkey come to israels help i mean turkey was nutral toward israel over the years and last question is if jews control the money in turkey why turkey is so anti israel in the past few years, i mean money controlls the world and if the moeny wants something it always gets it around the world thats just a fact.
and i do hope you will learn about how the talmud really is since i see you have been clearly exposed to alot of propoganda.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31629472

All religions are a bit racist, the point is to not go full retard and fundamental with them. Jewish bible talks about gentiles, islam about infidels and the Greek bible took the ancient Greek quote "every non-Greek is a barbarian" and used it. All these religions say to their adherents that they are special in the eyes of the god and all that.

The donmeh part is true and a historical fact, a simple google search will give you tons of info. Donmeh were the Jews of the Ottoman empire that had accepted islam but they were secretly practicing a sect of Judaism called Sabbateanism.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

Well thank you for giving me this information i didnt know about them before but wikipedia doesnt say anything about them commiting the armenian genocide.
as for the talmud [link to en.wikipedia.org]
1)Defenders of the Talmud argue that many of these criticisms, particularly those in antisemitic sources, are based on quotations that are taken out of context, and thus misrepresent the meaning of the Talmud's text. Sometimes the misrepresentation is deliberate, and other times simply due to an inability to grasp the subtle and sometimes confusing narratives in the Talmud. Some quotations provided by critics deliberately omit passages in order to generate quotes that appear to be offensive or insulting.
2) the talmud today is being studied by the miniority of ultra-orthodox jews (around 300.000) that leach from the welfare system in israel,dont work,dont go to the army just study it all day so they cant do anything about it even if it was racist and your chances of finding a jew who knows what the talmud says and is not ultra-orthodox are nearly 0.
anyway i havent read it so i cant comment from personal knowledge just from what people i know who did read it told me about it.
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