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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
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I am a stubborn person and will try to answer your questions as far as i know(i hope i dont get ba.n.ned again)

Q1:''if they were cypro-jews and not turkish-jews or even just jews why would they want a ethnicly pure turkey i mean whats their intrest becuase i dont see any''

A1: First of all Anatolia is impossible to turn into ethnically pure country.Many ethnicies have been living here throughout history.Most people here would not even know who their great great grandparents was...They might be a converted Rum,Armenian,Farsi,Kurd etc.

Their intention was not to create an ethnically pure Turkey but culturally pure Turkey.Everyone knows a culturally pure country is relatively easier to rule over...

At that time the majority of people here was muslim folk who happen to spoke a turkic,greek,arabic and farisi mixed language.At that time nationalism in whole world was rising and they decided to chose turks/seljuks as the only ancestor of anatolian people and decided to get rid of the minority christians and other muslims who dont comply with the new turkish identity they made up.

If the Armenian/Greek christians were majority then they would have get rid of the muslim minorities...

They didnt destroyed just culture of other minorities but tried to corrupt/manipulate turkish culture as well by means of forbiding certain turkish words of arabic and farsi origin and adding the words they farbricated,forbidding peoples traditions and enforcing modernist western culture,forbidding folk music between 1935-37 and enforcing classical music on radios,forbidding traditional clothes and enforcing classical western clothes etc.

They wanted to create an Orwellian totalitarian dictatorship where citizens have one culture,one language,one religion and one mindset...sadly they somewhat managed to do that.

Q2:''another thing is if they controlled turkey for so long why didnt turkey come to israels help i mean turkey was nutral toward israel over the years''

A2:Clearly you seem to lack knowledge about recent history...Turkey were very much friendly to Israel (and USA)
since it was created.

Q3:''last question is if jews control the money in turkey why turkey is so anti israel in the past few years, i mean money controlls the world and if the moeny wants something it always gets it around the world thats just a fact.''

A3: Because Turkey have been governed by a moderate islamist gov. recently

Also ruling donmeh class is separate from other jews.They accept Sabbatai Zwi as their messiah...Maybe there is a secret conflict/rivalry between them and orthodox jews...Orthodox jews might even been considering them as heretics.That would be the reason Turkey was not a hardcore Israel supporter...

As i said before i dont hate all jews just extremist-racist ones who see us as sub humans just as i hate islamic extremists.

''and i do hope you will learn about how the talmud really is since i see you have been clearly exposed to alot of propoganda.''

I have a question to you too...Do you deny there are not jews who see us non-jews as subhumans?Do you deny the racism and prejudice towards non jews in OT and Talmud?

Not all of them could be a propaganda bro...We have a saying, if i roughly translate ''Where there is smoke,there is a fire''
 Quoting: Anatolian 31776376

Great post man, people know so little about the Young Turks when in reality their actions affected millions of people. Turkey was always a great buddy with Israel too, most have probbaly forgotten this due to the recent tensions. Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel in 1949 and shared a strategic pact/alliance with Israel all these decades. Greece recognized Israel in 1991 to give you an example. I still can't believe how the whole Mavi Marmara incident was played out and they're not friends anymore.
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