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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
Poster Handle Anatolian
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Re the Donmeh. Orthodox Jews regard them as apostates and heretics, they're not like crypto-Jews who converted to save their lives. Donmeh who wanted to be accepted as Jews would probably have to convert.
 Quoting: Swinburnian

But but but... if one merely add the word "crypto" that automatically gives one 500 Internet "cool intellectual mega-truth!" points.

Bolsheviks? Crypto-Jews!
Nazis? Cryto-Jews!
Young Turks? Gay! I mean, but also Crypto-Jews!

See, by strategically applying the word "crypto", "TPTB" and/or Jews... one demonstrates total knowledge of learning, truth and can act like quite a dandy in public. Yay!
 Quoting: ASV 30093527

You called us 'conspiracy nuts' in an other thread as remember...So wtf are you doing here in GLP?You are here clearly for trolling and shilling purposes.Gtfo here.You are the most extreme troll i have seen here lately.
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