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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
But but but... if one merely add the word "crypto" that automatically gives one 500 Internet "cool intellectual mega-truth!" points.

Bolsheviks? Crypto-Jews!
Nazis? Cryto-Jews!
Young Turks? Gay! I mean, but also Crypto-Jews!

See, by strategically applying the word "crypto", "TPTB" and/or Jews... one demonstrates total knowledge of learning, truth and can act like quite a dandy in public. Yay!
 Quoting: ASV 30093527

ASV don't go full retard here, we already said that this has nothing to do with the average or regular Jew didn't we? These are historical facts here and not some conspiracy mumbo-jumbo. I offered a link before written by a Jewish woman that confirm this quoting historical books etc.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

A Jewish woman? A dubious "historical book" even? Wow, if one can't believe Internet, what CAN one beleive!

Well, consider me super-convinced. Let me cross out "Turks" like sooooo.... and then write-in "Jews" in the part where it says "_____ murdered 1,5 million Armenians and gassed/bombed Kurd villages".

Ebbyl Juices, why can't they stop causing all worldly ills for money and, uh, stuff and things ARGHGHTHRAGHGHG!
 Quoting: ASV 30093527

Listen man, i dunno why you put yourself in the position of defending a group of heretic sect of Judaism combined with Islam in the first place. Are you the spokesman for the entire Jewish race, even the heretics one and we minions didn't got the memo? You'd think that a Jewish or half Jewish origin politician couldn't do wrong ever by your posts. You jumping to your own conclusions and i dunnno what exactly your purpose is here. If the link isn't enough i suggest buying a proper book and educate yourself, these are historical facts here. It doesn't mean that the real Jews and the Israeli Jews had anything to do with this or someone blames them for something, seriously pull it together man.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

No no no, don't try to hypnotize me with your Jewmerican Jewkepedia Jewstory version.

We the real fighters for Justice & Against Zionist Occupation of World's Breathable Air... we know better.

Plague? Juice!
French Revolution? Juice!
Cancellation of Friends? Juice!

And of course, Armenian Genocide, clever tricky Ataturk & Dohmeh Zionists; and they *almost* got away with it, too -- if it weren't for a couple meddling Anatolian Internet-commandos!
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