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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
Poster Handle Gregor Samsa
Post Content
Why haven't the Greeks dumped the Turkish occupiers from Northern Cyprus yet? Turkish 'experts' accuse Greece of illegally snatching islands while they are occupying a portion of a fucking country!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31810718

ahh the sweet ignorance, occupiers, pffft
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername:MV8yMTA0NzE4XzM1NTEyNTMwX0Q0OEUxN

Off course there is occupation in Cyprus man, from the 260 thousand supposedly T/C in the island the 160 thousand of them are illegal settlers from mainland Turkey with no connection to the land whatsoever while 200 thousand G/C refugees can't go back to their homes and lands. You guys always bitch about Palestine and all since your govt and press is pushing this agenda a lot and i'm really surprised that at the same time you see something else here other than an illegal occupation, even Palestine has been recognized by 130+ states man while the mafia pseudo-state in Cyprus by none except Turkey, not even by your best allies, seems hypocritical if you ask me. I won't deny that the Greek side didn't make fatal mistakes on this story too, but for a minority of 18% on the island Turkish state invaded not once but twice in a month and occupies 36% of it, come on.

Dunno what 1570 Ottomans have to do with Cyprus bro, nothing Ottoman or Turkish about the island besides the minority and it has a continuous Greek population since 1500 BC, Ottomans conquered Syria, Israel and all of the Balkans too, does this mean that these places are or have something Turkish in them or that the Turkey has a claim on these lands? There won't be any solution on here if Turkey and Turkish people continue to see this with the imperial Ottoman view, we both need to leave the community alone to unify and prosper while both British and Turkish troops need to go away. Greek state has steered away left the G/C some space to do their thing, would be great if the Turkish state done the same.

Hey mate, you are right about the settlers from mainland Turkey there, but your numbers are wrong methinks. According to your numbers there are only 100k Turkish Cypriots, but even in 1960 there were 104.000 T/C , 50 years ago???. And this number is the result of an island-wide census man:

[link to www.cyprusdirectory.net]

I gave the 1570 reference because of the reference of the Turkish Cypriots, that a some proportion of the Turkish population were living there and didn't settle there after 1974 (and yes many did). I think you know my point of view even a little bit so i don't think you mean when you ask "Ottomans conquered Syria, Israel and all of the Balkans too, does this mean that these places are or have something Turkish in them or that the Turkey has a claim on these lands?" tounge

Believe me (or not) only a few Turkish people have imperial Ottoman view, i think even most of the nationalists have not such a dream.

Yeah i am not happy either with the Turkish troops there, but you know what happened there in 1970's before they get there, don't you?
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