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Message Subject So It Begins: Turkey Warns Greece Against Oil Exploration In The Aegean, Turkish experts accuse Greece of illegally snatching 16 islands
Poster Handle Gregor Samsa
Post Content

And also as a little child you were hoping that you'll have a good and unmiserable life, that you'll be a successful, adorable person, didn't ya ?
 Quoting: Gregor Samsa

Yes and it turned out true. I'm also hoping Germany kicks you mother fuckers out too.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32137123

yeah obviously1rof1iamwith
 Quoting: Gregor Samsa

Shouldn't you be busy fucking your child/wife.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 32137123

This is best you can exhibit, ,isn't it ? Now you made your point, move on, this thread is for grown ups.
Or maybe you just expect me to take your cheap bait, get excited and yell "no way Greece can't invade Turkey, we have a greater military power, we will kick their ass"
Tell you what if i had the impression from you that you could show Turkey and Greece on a map, i would spare you a comment.byekitty
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