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Message Subject Have you been having horrible nightmares lately??????
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
I've been having horrible nightmares latelty

First one --

My father had die and my mom was a horrible person.... she was mean and loud and I couldn't stand her..... at night (in the dream) my mom was outside in the balcony hitting a "person" with a broom and I went out to help the "person" ... when I opened the door the "person" was just there not moving looking at my mom while she was hitting it with a broom....but then it looked at me and started to run to where I was and I thought it was going to do something bad to me so I tried to hit it with the door but it dodged it.... It was not a person it was some kind of creature made of ceramic or something like that . It was very white, hard, and kind of shiny and it was tall .. I think it was a demon but I'm not sure. It was a very scary nightmare.

Another one --- (last night)

I was in the car with my mom and big brother and we were visiting different states ... I had to do something in the different states but I can't remember what it was... When we were going out of New York I opened the door of the car and I noticed that there was a black girl there ... I sat and I tired to close the door but that stupid black girl had her hands outside the door and i couldn't close it so I had to push her and she was there laughing .... I asked my mother and she said that my brother was dating her ... and that really annoyed me and i started to argue with them because my brother already has a girlfriend and she is very nice..... besides the black girl was the most annoying person ever... she was exactly like the stereotype... she would have been the only ugly person in our family and she had no manners or class.

I do not have anything against black people but I do hate the ones who behave like the stereotype ....
 Quoting: Barbara P. Strigoi

Barbara, one way to interpret a dream is to imagine that all of the characters are YOU. They are projections of your unconscious mind, and they are aspects of your personality. So your father dying might be that some part of you, you wish would die, or your fear that some part of you is dying or diminishing. See? It isn't necessarily that your father has a potential to die, or you're psychically predicting he will die, though these are equally valid.

Likewise, your mom being mean could be that you don't like some aspect of yourself, that you think some part of your personality is mean. People are not mean (well most of them), some part of them is mean spirited. The white things could be you hurting some good part of yourself as well.

In a dream, the characters will be clothed in certain colors, and these colors often have cultural meaning. We live within cultures and so the myths, beliefs, stories, spirituality all have color elements to them. Think outside the box, although it could be that some stereotypical thoughts cross your mind.
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