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Message Subject Have you been having horrible nightmares lately??????
Poster Handle Barbara P. Strigoi
Post Content
WOW... very very interesting.

That totally makes more sense now

You always have great things to say :)
 Quoting: Barbara P. Strigoi

You are very kind.

In dream analysis, someone who interprets usually says, "If this were my dream, I think it might mean....". Each of us will put symbolic creative images in our dreams. Each of those aspects in your dream have meaning for you, and your brain filed away that information. Then when you finally shut down your mind for the night, the mind tries to process all of that in the limited amount of time it has. It condenses it into a story so that when awake, some part of that will be carried into the waking world.

Sometimes, when a dream seems random, what really is happening is that you're having lots of mini-dreams. It's like changing the channel. If you watched ten minutes of changing the channel, would you be able to create a narrative (story) from that randomness? Nope. However sometimes we try to do that, and it's frustrating.

The brain is made of cells called neurons. These do the thinking. Then you have dendrites. When you think, the neuron sends an inpulse down the long tissue of the neuron and triggers a nearby dendrite. That stimulates another neuron, and often this is why you're thinking of one thing, and it triggers another memory or interest.

This may be what happens when you have random dreams. The unconscious mind is interested in several things and thinking and triggering those in the dream world. Then when you wake, you're trying make sense of it, and of course it would be very difficult to find meaning.

Most people don't pay attention to their dreams. Since you are a new adult, and speaking adult to adult, you should pay a LOT of attention to your dreams. Most people are disconnected from their deep inner longings, and so they get depressed.

Inside of you are all kinds of hopes for the future. Write down those hopes and dreams and make them into concrete achievable goals for this week, this month, this year. Then start accomplishing them.

Depressed people get frustrated because they don't see any progression towards their dreams becoming reality and feel like giving up.

Think how you can make one happen. Do positive things to get closer to it being achieved. This destroys depression because YOU ARE getting things done. Make some of it happen. You have the power.
 Quoting: Don'tBeAfraid

Thank you again :)

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