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Message Subject Have you been having horrible nightmares lately??????
Poster Handle Don'tBeAfraid
Post Content
i dreamed i was being chased by a raging black dude who was also a giant. he was chasing me and eventually catched me. he had a big ass sword and threatened me about cutting off my dick. he was just about to cut it off, before i woke up. he was sliced half tru it!
there was also a crowd of people, some of them old friends. they were watching silently, some of them laughing.

probably means unconsciouly having fear of something. probably something to do with the collapse of economy and pending mass riots anarchy and rape. not to mention famines and diseases.

anyway im going back to sleep.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31570085

There are dream dictionaries on the web which detail what a symbol like a sword could mean. It depends upon the context and the type of sword, and your personal history.

Naturally such an image could be a phallic symbol especially since castration is involved.

The large black figure could be some powerful aspect of yourself that you find scary. His action of emasculating you could be you wishing some weaker portion of you as a man wasn't evident and you excising it from your personality.
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