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Message Subject Have you been having horrible nightmares lately??????
Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
Yes. One night I dreamt that my father (who is deceased) shot my sister in the back of the head. It was very gruesome.

Two nights later I dreamt that my best friend from high school (who is also deceased) took me to an unfamiliar place, but it was obviously a beach at the ocean to show me all of the UFO activity in the night sky; there were so many it almost looked like fireflies in the night.
 Quoting: Evil Cretin

Very interesting!

A coupe of months ago I dreamed that I was in my house with my cat and my cat was talking to me and we went to the garage and the sky was full of ufos and meteors or falling stars.... It was so beautiful.
 Quoting: Barbara P. Strigoi

my first cat that passed out visited me from time to time in dreams.

Until at one point she turned totaly feindish.

Red evil eyes and jumping, attacking.

i had to kill her by taking the head off, it was the only way to stop the feind.

Whatever happend to my old cat, it was consumed by envy towards the living.

i dont do much nightmares to be honest.

i did one a not so long ago, wich was not a nightmare to me until i get to wake up.
Breathing heavyly , being unable to move, hearing a evil laugh that send a terrible chilling bolt of thunder in your spine.

Last nightmare thought had to do with me going from door to door and getting in theses homes gathering hearts and felling enourmous Energy while at it. Getting heavier by each home i visited.

The last home i went to pulled me in like a black hole and it stopped in a dark passage with 4-5 rooms. As i get to open the door in front of me i Heard a Very loud Bang to my left then i woke up.
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