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Subject Illuminati Puppets and the Sky Diamonds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Shine bright like a diamond. We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky."

Rhianna's new hit song. Catchy tune, isn't it?
But, we have heard about the sky diamonds before. This is not a new language.

Remember the Beatles song" Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

On the surface it is interpreted as a reference to drugs.
LSD, perhaps?

Maybe. But, i don't think so.

Lucy is a nick for Lucifer?
But what do the sky diamonds mean?


The occult references in the Beatles work prove they were Illuminati puppets.

A promotional photograph for the Yellow Submarine album shows John Lennon flashing the devil horns. Paul McCartney makes a '666'/EYE OF HORUS hand sign.

The front cover of the With The Beatles album shows their faces half in shadow. This is the 'One Eye of Horus' that is epidemic in the music industry today. The black/ white duality is the Masonic doctrine to balance good and evil.

A Beatles compilation was released in 1988 titled 'Past Masters'. Past Master is a Masonic term used to describe the former Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge. The album contains exactly 33 songs.

[link to www.henrymakow.com]

According to occult analysts, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds means Lucifer and the diamonds are stars - specifically Dogstar in the Sirius constellation.

We all know that Rhianna is a publicly admitted illuminati puppet and monarch slave. She is reviving the Sky Diamond message.

In her diamond video, we see an appearance of the black horse. Black horse in Revelation?

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