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Message Subject Illuminati Puppets and the Sky Diamonds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i was aware the beatles "faked paul's death" starting with abbey road (28 if, etc.) but this is some different theory you're working on ... any more photo evidence?

i have no doubts about the infiltration of the music industry. in regards to modern music, i could probably write a book on it.

this knowing has completely changed my life. made me fear but let me see. i'm not as happy as i used to be but the moments of happiness i do find are way more meaningful, and every moment of every day carries more meaning, more clarity, more of an imprint. i hope that is the point, to make me see, but I still feel threatened by them, as i/we all probably should feel. they've achieved a certain amount of domination over my being, for better or worse. mostly involuntarily. it's just when you realize how much they control, and for how long they have, and how wrong i was, and how misunderstood i am, it sets to frame your entire worldview and encompasses much of everything ...

so i appreciate your efforts, and i am intrigued.
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