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Message Subject Illuminati Puppets and the Sky Diamonds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No offense to Salt and the rest...but I've never been able to buy into the "Entertainment Illuminati" connection. Whats the point? What are they accomplishing?

I'll be honest...I hadn't even listened to that Rhianna song until I saw this thread, so I have to doubt its efficiency at "brainwashing the masses"

I also don't see the Monarch connection...why spend millions and years of manpower warping a human being to sing crap that only 20-40% of the population even listen too, let alone, impacts their lives? Monarch to me is a means of creating assassins...not marginally relevant entertainment blurbs on ETV.

Maybe I'm just not getting it, but if I wanted to put a stranglehold on society like you all believe the Illuminati is doing, this would be the least efficient way to do it.
 Quoting: pish

Are you kidding? The chosen ones songs are played millions of times to millions of people a day on radio, in shopping centres, at parties, nightclubs etc etc...
People who like a song play it a few times a day.
If there are any subliminals inserted in the song...well you work it out...The perfect "brain wash" tool along with the other tools in their brain washing bag of tricks.

so you might want to rethink its "efficiency at brainwashing the masses".
Throw in also that the biggest music buying demographic is young teens who are pretty open and impressionable and it should be pretty clear to you why it's so efficient.
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