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Message Subject Illuminati Puppets and the Sky Diamonds
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
Post Content
This is more about metaphysical energy dynamics.
Things we don't understand as yet.
But it has everything to do with us.

You see, when people play this song, hear it, dance to it, applaud to it, they are giving away their energies. This quantum pack of energy is collected and used to develop its strengths in this realm.
When Rihanna is in concert, with thousands of her fans going crazy , there is a lot of energy being thrown away.
So what they do is to invest a lot into the song, to make it sound catchy and beautiful, attractive so the youngest of fans will love it, and then install the core messages in reverse. You are basically agreeing to the secret reversed messages within the song. Now there is a definite connection between your mind energy and the hidden entity.
It will use this stored energy when the time is right.
 Quoting: abhie

Abhie, interesting post. My understanding is that it is only the conscious INTENT of the individual that can define the nature of the energy that is being transmitted. The nature/intent of the stimulus that acted as the catalyst does not claim authority over the energy that is generated or transmitted back unless that energy is of a similar frequency as the source. Energy operates on different wavelengths/frequencies and is not easily transmutable. Distinctions must be highlighted.

Let's say hypothetically that an individual had assumed a very dark state of mind (low vibration) and sought to commit an overt act that would generate anger/hatred (low vibration/frequency energy). If the act is committed, and observers/onlookers were to react and respond with hatred/anger (low frequency emotions of mind) towards the perp, then they are matching the energy level and the prepetrator serves to feed off of that energy and feel empowered by it. If the same act is committed but rather than individuals responding with hatred/anger, they decided to react with empathy/compassion (high frequency emotions of the heart) for those affected by the incident, then the energetic signature is not compatible with the perpetrator's state of mind and he would not be able to feed off that energy. In other words the stimulus itself does not claim authority or ownership over the full spectrum of energy that is generated, only the energy which is compatible or of a similar wavelength/frequency.

In the context of this discussion if I listen to a Beatles song and believe the song about 'Lucy' is a song in reference to a woman or a relationship, that is the association I will make while listening and my conscious intent will dictate the type of energetic response that I generate. Hypothetically, 'Lucy' could be code name for any number of horrible things as created by the intent of the author of the song, but unless I have conscious awareness of the intended meaning, I am unlikely to respond in a manner that is compatible with the energetic frequency of the author's intentions. Does that make sense?
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