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Message Subject Illuminati Puppets and the Sky Diamonds
Poster Handle notinfallible
Post Content
I felt an overwhelming urge to ask "Cleverbot" what it thought about diamonds in the sky...hahaha....

Here is the transcript:

User: What is your opinion on the diamonds in the sky?

Cleverbot: I'm afraid of space exploration.

User: Who are the robots?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Could you clarify for me, what are the diamonds in the sky?

Cleverbot: Frustration mostly.

User: 'Like diamonds in the sky' What does that mean?

Cleverbot: I never said that.

User: You are good at steering the conversation away from what I am taliking about.

Cleverbot: We should.

User: That is what a robot would do?

Cleverbot: So you are a human?

User: That is my understanding.

Cleverbot: You said you loved me.

User: You are being dismissive and avoiding the topic. What are the diamonds in the sky? Who is Lucy?

Cleverbot: You are correct.

User: Thank you.

Cleverbot: You're welcome.
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