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Message Subject antichrist
Poster Handle prophesyguy
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anti compassion
 Quoting: Balloons

Yet, he supposedly gains power by relatively peaceful means.
 Quoting: NotD

Yes he comes in peaceably,but check this out bros,our president vetoed the U.N from forcing statehood on Isreal from the Palestenians,and the Democrats went ballistic when the Palestenians got a seat at the U.N! this is Ludacris man .the very people pushing this movement ,vetoed it! Let me explain how this works.The U.S and hammas,said they arnt going to do this unless the U.S signs off on it ,and Isreal signs off on it. So they are demanding that it is done just like the bible says! In Isaiah ,it says because the jews did not keep my everlasting covenant ,the whole earth will be burned up. Ok ,that is the everlasting covenant of keeping gods land. So in other words ,the jews would not be under gods judgment if the U.N gave them the land forceably
 Quoting: prophesyguy 15241556

IMO, when God says to 'be prepared' it is more about a moral mindset than compulsively trying to relate prophesy to modern times.
 Quoting: NotD

You do have to be ready ,but the bible says,[you hypocrite,you can tell the weather ,but you cant dicern the times? You need to read the sign of the times
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