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Message Subject Have you had dreams of hiding or trying to escape from UFO's as they go about attacking people?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Hi OP, I occasionally have extremely vivid dreams, sometimes lucid. I had one of the latter not long before christmas. I was working with a chap I have worked with occasionally, plastering a ceiling in a top floor flat in a mill that was being converted for housing. I became aware of a commotion going on, as I made my way down to the ground floor there were many people rushing around panicking, screams in the distance. As I got outside, I saw columns of black smoke pouring vertically down from the overcast sky, and I remember realising at this point that this was an EOTWAWKI situation. I saw one alien, looked a bit like the 'predator' film type, but the face was a fixed mask. I kind of buried myself in a large pile of gravel, and watched. As the alien approached, it did not seem to see me, and it was repeating the same phrase, "join us, we will give you what you want, for a year". I woke up at this point, still feeling the shock and terror of the dream, It was four in the morning but no way could I get back to sleep. I'm 49yo, and this dream was at a level with a few I had as a kid that terrified me, and that I still remember vividly.
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YES-My dream also had long columns/pillars of dark almost black smoke dropping down straight down over the city to kill the people, some type of poisonous gas. Very scary scene to look at.
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