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Message Subject Have you had dreams of hiding or trying to escape from UFO's as they go about attacking people?
Poster Handle Daboke
Post Content
Thought I'd add my dream - which while dreaming even felt a sense of dejavu. (and when I awoke knew it was a recurring dream from my childhood)

The scariest part was very vivid.
I remember seeing the craft and knew what was going to happen. I told all those around me to find a hiding spot, sit as still as possible and make no noise. I told them not to move even if they thought everything was over.
There were screams and a lot of what sounded like laser fire. I hid behind a wall with a tree to the left of me. Several friends were close by. I could hear them screaming.
I was huddled in this position for what felt like 30 minutes hearing all the commotion. This seemed to quieten down - at this point I felt a prod in my back. Not much; just a little prod. I didn't move. Another prod, slightly harder - still I didn't move. A few moments later I heard a girl - who sounded familiar but couldn't tell - say "is it oh..." and then a curdling scream and then silence again.
I waited for a long time - still hearing screams in the distance.
After, everything was dark - it was definitely daylight when the dream started as I saw the UFO/craft clearly, now it was night time.
In the dim light I saw gibs, torsos, pools of blood and even what appeared to be shrunken bodies human remains. There were only 3 other survivors and one was barely alive. It was a young girl with curly brown hair. I didn't recognise her, her leg was completely missing and her intestines were coming out.
There was another several hours before and after this part of the dream but this was the most terrifying. If anyone wants the full account I wrote it down the morning of the dream. This occurred on 19th December.
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