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Message Subject Have you had dreams of hiding or trying to escape from UFO's as they go about attacking people?
Poster Handle wildginger14
Post Content
I have very regular and very vivid dreams of UFO attacks against places where I am living. I can see all of the crafts in the sky and the damage they are inflicting in their "warfare" on the earth systems. The dreams started when I was a child (I am now almost 46 years old) and have gotten more frequent and more vivid/detailed. I have 2-5 intense dreams every month now. In every case, there seems to be some forms of escape, and not complete destruction of everyone/thing in their path. But, it's frightening and I don't like the dreams. Occasionally I am actually in a craft in some deep future scenario, trying to reach some place, with a crew/load of other people and trying to escape pursuit by unfriendly craft. We are trying to reach some sort of portal in space...don't know enough about science to use proper terms (sorry) but getting to/through the portal, causes some sort of safety. There is much destruction on the earth, when the UFO craft are attacking. It's not a nice dream. None of them are comfortable. I am always left waking severely disturbed. Many times I wake not knowing if my dream is reality or not.
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