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Message Subject Have you had dreams of hiding or trying to escape from UFO's as they go about attacking people?
Poster Handle Tars Tarkas, Jr.
Post Content
I am noticing a similar commonality in these UFO dreams. Most everyone here says that they hate these dreams, that they are disturbing, very realistic, upsetting, just a terrible thing to experience and most of us are hiding, running away, taking cover, feeling helpless.
Now a question:
What are these people having or doing in common? Intelligence level, education, profession, stresses in their life, personality type, fears, personality, shortcomings, and so forth. It would be interesting to do a study to see how the dream interpretations that try and explain the dream as a certain thing happening in the persons life, it would be interesting to see if this matched up or not with people here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24103190

There are many of us who have dreams with the exact opposite feelings. It would be interesting to find out why that's happening. There doesn't seem to be a middle-ground here -- you either have terrifying dreams about ET or feel-good ones.

They aren't demons, I'm sure of that. I wish the religious superstition would be removed from this puzzle so we can figure out what's really going on, but every time this subject comes up, the old middle-ages fear-based "demons are here" junk is used to explain this.
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