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Message Subject Have you had dreams of hiding or trying to escape from UFO's as they go about attacking people?
Poster Handle MartianPrincess
Post Content
I dreamt I was walking pass a very large all reflective glass building in a large city. As I turned to look in the reflection, I noticed that every person was being followed by a short grey alien. When I say followed, I mean like only a 2 or 3 foot gap between the grey and ourselves.

At that moment it struck me that we were the life extension, or projection of these beings. It made me sick to my stomach to see and realize this IN MY dream (I was actually nauseated in the dream).

I really hope we are not some collective group of SIMS characters for these beings, but that's what I gathered in this dream.
 Quoting: duFontaine.

THAT is f'ed up.


I wasn't going to share it but I just finished reading all of the posts and I'm a little creeped out and I'll share it to help you gather statistics.
I, too, watched WOTW with Tom Cruise and found it very disturbing, I wouldn't watch it again. I love scifi and I love science so if I had any dreams myself I'd probably blame it on spending too much time watching apocalypse-type shows on TV or reading about such scenarios. The dream actually happened to my ex-husband, who was the most skeptical person (about everything!) that I've ever met. Hated scifi, did not read, certainly did not frequent these type of forums, yet one day he woke up and told me he had the most realistic dream he'd ever had. He said in the dream, he woke up to find our bedroom flooded by a bright white light, then he found himself walking outside and boarding a craft along with other people. He knew these people in the dream but IRL has never seen them. He said that aboard the craft, big-eyed gray-skinned beings and humans in lab coats were working together; they didn't communicate verbally but telepathically. The last thing he remembers is being examined and then given an injection right behind his left shoulder. That's it.
When he woke up from the dream he said that area felt tender and remarked about how realistic (I see a lot of you saying that word) it seemed. I jokingly suggested maybe he got abducted and he thought that was the most ridiculous thing ever.
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