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Subject sandyhook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I only now have been looking at a few videos about sandy hook. SO why was all the interviews done a day or two after when perants would be in shock/morning and yet they all sit on a nice lounge with a nice back drop of family photos clean homes as no child was there at all, its as though the room was set up as the ppl parents did not match their own surroundings bit like the morning show. all mothers seem to have their regrowth or hair freshly coloured its like they all went to the hairdresser a day or two before. Such a blood bath and yet not one person walked in blood and walked outside with it on their foot/shoes leaving behind a print or two. when something this big happens in a community funerals etc would be there for all to attend and send love to those who have lost not run and hide and collect money.
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