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Message Subject sandyhook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
government robbing the rich well please post the price of your weekly shop and then tell me you eat better than them,, yes how much do you pay each week for food then tell me what the landlord eat and how much he pays each week for food paid for by his tenant..

go one show us your weekly food bill and then show us the your landlords food bill.. yeah you cant cos you feed his family why trying to feed you own. you feed the government the judge all those ppl who live of the poor ppl.. no wonder why they government want to ban guns they know many ppl see them for who they are parasites and they want to remove your guns cos they are used to feeding of other ppl and know the time has come no more greed no more feeding of my family the government is shitting their pants the landlords know their time is up...its not about guns its about life and freedom.. guns are an excuse government know the ppl will stand up against them ppl now now the government is controlled by landlords/moneylenders.....

greedy parasites they are.
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