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Message Subject sandyhook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

he had a blue jacket, why did yahoo turn his blue jacket purple...everyone wore purple why was that.. I recall on one video clip a 4wd with a purple ribbon on the boot. I saw purple balloons everyone wore purple..

Christmas time this shooting happened everyone wore purple why who was the first person to use purple, who's idea was it. Purple during December is advent the second coming of the messiah. 4 weeks of advent 3 purple candles I recall the last week is red or pink and the candles are lit. So I bet non of you knew that did you. Advent ( wow so seems like a far out word now a wreath with 4 candles 3 purple the last red/pink at the end of the last week all 4 candles are lit to praise the coming of the second messiah.
I see many ppl in purple then later many are wearing pink. I thought pink breast cancer ribbon NO its more like satanic the second coming of Christ. Advent you do your own search.

Christmas time is a time for kids, seems Christmas joy of love is being over run by destructive law makers.

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