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Message Subject sandyhook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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did an other thread say satic and the man with the owl. after reading a bit today satanic my first search was salem witches. a few miles out of sandy we have Hartford a gothic city as I would say Gotham city in batman could be this city and not NY. google hardford there we have MR colts museum of guns, hardford was know for occult and so was CT over the decades. Also Salem witches many well know ppl come from the blood lines. In hardford also mr mark twain who was in the bohemians club. I also noticed the batman robin at the 2012 with shakespeers car.. bohemians loved this man and named its club after one of his well know sayings about a spider web... that link is on twains site down below as you click on bohemian. twains last book was about a young satan in a village at school. A connection I don't know,e funny how one search leads to another than an other.. jp morgan also got around he was in hardford twains first child was orion also known as the hunter and in dec it is over head in the knight sky
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