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Message Subject sandyhook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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So from sandy hook I end up at Windsor castle also a medieval building.. from there 11th dec prince Charles visits a high school and tells them all his favorite king is George the 3rd. I didn't go to school in usa so you should all know your own history class. washinton the first, a road near by sandyhook school cross road with church hill a UK connection if that. who was Washington's right hand a MR Adams who became the second head of state who died on the 4th of july..his son also Mr adam the 6th head of state. from there the I pickup up the battle of long island Is that New York where he tried to make peace on the 11th sept 1776.. the sandyhook many seem to think it is to take away the 2nd rights,, well Mr Adams was one of the ppl who signed the declaration.
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