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Message Subject sandyhook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I seem to be talking to myself don't I sorry.

Adam the media said he smashed his computer hard drive was unreadable. Well he really must of smashed it well and made a lot of noise was that before or after the shooting ay. Mum in the other room what time is it... her son is bashing his computer what with ay his sneakers or chopping board. what mum doesn't take a look and try to talk it out what is on his mind ay..did he have his gun on his desk so angry he took all of it out on metal then shot his mum. human mind says if you are angry and take it out on something you calm down, not get in a rage, get in a car and drive calm into town, would of noticed something after all he did have problems so she would of made sure she watched him 24/7 as his carer. if adam did shoot his mum I don't think he did as she was his life line not his hook and sinker.
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