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Message Subject sandyhook
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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something that came to mind about the school. I live just over km from 3 schools I always hear the school bells and fire drills and since 9/11 the lock down drill. Now with sandy hook why didn't anyone mention the alarm for lock down that alone is like a car alarm to make the criminal aware and get lost quick. yet did anyone hear any teach recall the lockdown alarm, did mister grene say he heard the alarm NO just the kids at the bottom of his drive yet that alarm should of still be ringing as it was not to be a drill and is ment to alert not just the school but the neighborhood around the school. the alarm is to keep ringing until the area is safe. So really all of sandyhook should of been standing out side their own home watching and on alert for a person who might of got out of the school grounds and headed into local homes etc.
When the 911 call was made we should of heard the lockdown alarm in the background the person calling would of spoken in a loud voice shouting to be heard above the alarm.
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