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Message Subject sandyhook
Poster Handle mmm
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who feeds their cats at the front door when you house looks like mr grenes ay did anyone see cat bowls at his front door, he said he was going up the road for breakfast then in an other story he was going into town. This man seems like a nosy person so why didn't he notice any emergency cars why didn't he hear the lockdown alarm, that alarm should of been ringing when he spotted the kids or he should of heard it anyway and put 1+1 together. Not oh my god what happened are you OK, why didn't he try calling the school as well school children hello call the school the kids are wagging school, not here have a teddy sorry I just fed the cats no water or milk and cookies just sit play and what.. go iron my shirt I have to be on tv soon.
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I don't know nothing about computers, but I do know If I don't want anyone to read my hardrive I have to dismantle the box first to smash the memory not just hit my towerbox how many times would I need to hit it to make sure my memory card is unreadable. and mum walks in the room asks you what are you doing..like
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