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Message Subject How to prevent being abducted by aliens?
Poster Handle sssss
Post Content
Are you really concerned about being abducted by certain beings?

I think your being a tad paranoid.

Abductions have virtually ceased since 2000 for some unknown reason and even abductors a quite dumfounded as to why.

The tend to do go for right brained people who are empathetic and usually have something to offer to the world. That cuts out 80% of people.

Honestly if your where to be abducted, you probably wouldn't even realize till 10-20 years later.

If you want my opinion, you will never be abducted and have nothing to worry about. physical (random) abductions are done for. Astral abduction, you could probably stop if you where familiar enough with the subtle body, but this takes years of meditation. Even then very unlikely.

Far more likely to be pestered by negative entities/djinn.
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