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Message Subject The real iPad - revolutionary 'paper' screen you can twist and bend unveiled (Video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Looks similar to the kindle technology. Which has some interesting advantages over traditional display tech.

HOWEVER, when this becomes cheap enough to have a 50+ inch wall version for a few hundred bux i will be buying.

Be nice to have a big chart i can stick on the wall and put things such as a calender and notes on without actually using paper. Sure i could just use a whiteboard or a projector, but if you can load stuff via external sources its usefulness increases.

Advantages of the e ink tech are that it only uses power when changing something on the display. so you could keep a digital calender on the wall for months without it using power.

Imagine how good colour large format versions would be for artists and designers.

They really have to work on improving the refresh rate on these e ink type devices though.
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