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Message Subject The real iPad - revolutionary 'paper' screen you can twist and bend unveiled (Video)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If they get the framerate up on these things high enough for true 60fps and develop the right software and battery design we could have 2 or 3mm magnesium/alu laptops that last for a month on a charge that have no physical keys within this decade. Think of those ultrathin laptops these days.

Just a basic metal framed clamshell design. one screen acting as an interface and the other acting as a display.

Maybe you could link two of them if you have two of them stand it sideways and have 2x displays and two input interfaces.

Back in 2009/10 laptops were already getting pretty thin anyway.

One problem i can foresee is ports, laptops will be thinner than the ports, i guess they will have to design some kind of wireless box/ port interface.

Like a little cigarette box size thing that connects wirelessly and you plug your stuff such as CD drives into that.
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