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My experience with the media twisting the truth today (horrific crash)...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21037792
United States
01/09/2013 04:09 AM
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My experience with the media twisting the truth today (horrific crash)...
So, I witnessed a pretty crazy event today... a car chase that ended in an explosion.

There were about 10 cop cruisers chasing a guy that stole a truck and were right behind him. When he crashed, he went into a gas pump that went up in flames instantly. It took the fire dept about 15 minutes to arrive, and the station is literally 20 seconds away from where it happened.

The news station interviewed me and I mentioned that it was about 15 min before the fire dept showed up during my account of events. Now I didn't say it in an angry way at all, it just stood out very clearly to all of us that were standing there, how long it was taking them. Other people lost their vehicles because the fire kept spreading over this time.

So... they completely cut that out on the televised version of my interview, and at the end of their story, the reported praised the fire dept for 'quickly putting out the flames' - the other 2 local networks also praised the fire dept in their reports as well...

It's just something that's left me scratching my head for tonight.

User ID: 16023386
United States
01/19/2013 10:34 PM

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Re: My experience with the media twisting the truth today (horrific crash)...
All in all, your story has a happy ending. No one was killed by the fleeing driver or the burning station that was his cause. The fire could not have been prevented by the fire fighters, it was a done deal.
You have to give them a break though, they don't stand around geared up for a "what if", they do take a little time to gear up for a fire call and drive through the traffic to the scene.

The cars can be replaced, that is what insurance is about.