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Message Subject The most successful method in dealing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nice thread, OP :)

It seems to me the parenting advice within the sacred texts is the most oft overlooked.

This reminds me of a thought I followed through the other day. I was recounting the German I could recollect from my school days and found it interesting I could recall easily the words for father, mother, sister, and brother - I had each of these at the time.

What I could not recall were the words for daughter or son, and it bothered me I could not rely on memory alone to address my daughters as such. I enjoy immensely joking with them in such a way - by telling them something in a way that's impossible for them to understand. They always seem to know when it's something they ought to ask the meaning of or not :)

Just the other day, my younger daughter wanted to see a snake at the pet store. Although she's far too big now for me to be anxious for opportunities to pick her up (bad back and all), I very much enjoy the times where there is good reason to even if she's trying to be grown and won't ask anymore.

I kiss both of my daughters at bedtime each and every night. Some days, they come to me just to give me a kiss goodbye before leaving for school.

Sometimes I am dumbfounded why it is I have such an open, beautiful relationship with my daughters while many of my peers struggle with parenthood. I love my daughters, am honest with them at all times, and encourage them to form their own opinions and beliefs and hardly ever put much more effort of thought into it than that.

I don't see why people have to make it so difficult.
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